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SUPERETREAD TYRES CO. LTD was established in October 1998. At that time, there was a very poor retread ratio in the Market in Tanzania; with very low quality retread in a tyre-knowledge deficient market associated with a negative image for the retreading industry which was at its infancy and SRT therefore started with a very small market share.

BANDAG identified SUPERRETREAD as a suitable local partner who had a good market establishment and a wide distribution network as well as far reaching connections into the regulatory bodies in order to rectify the damaged image. This happened after the then partner of Bandag closed shop and relocated to another country due to the difficulties experienced in Tanzania. Once SUPPERRETREAD was identified; the process of establishing a state-of-the-art retreading facility in Dar-es-Salaam started. Early in the year 2000, this has become coupled with services that have grown and changed over time until the recent inception of SUPERRETREAD Fleet & Tyre Management Solutions (SFTMS).

With this new drive the company has grown into a leading provider of Fleet and Tyre Management Solutions in Tanzania to users of commercial vehicles, tyres and replacement products and services; with the tyre technical knowhow, MIS and Manpower to  give services that allow true fleet & tyre operating cost reduction to be realized.

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